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girls bedroom design ideas

35 Creative Girls Bedroom Design Ideas for Every Personality

21. Wall Design For Girl Bedroom

wall design for girl bedroom

Transform your girl’s bedroom with an enchanting Wall Design For Girl Bedroom. Embrace her girly side by adorning the walls with pretty pink butterflies, creating an inviting and whimsical atmosphere. This design element adds a touch of magic and playfulness to the room, perfect for your sweet little princess.

Create a cohesive color palette by incorporating a matching rug on the bed that complements the brown and pink tones on the walls. This attention to detail ties the design together, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing space. The combination of brown and pink adds warmth and femininity to the room.

Enhance the cute and inviting resting nook for your princess with a matching cabinet and stunning white lanterns hanging overhead. These additional touches elevate the design, creating a cozy and charming corner for her to relax and unwind. The wall design, combined with the coordinated elements, creates a dreamy and delightful environment that your sweet little girl will love.

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22. Small Bedroom For Girls

small bedroom for girls

Embrace the charm of a Small Bedroom for Girls that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness, sophistication, and playfulness. The fern pattern in contrasting white beautifully accentuates the dull grey wall color, adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance to the room.

The white bed adorned with yellow throws and pillows in varying shades of grey and yellow creates a cozy and inviting nook for your princess. This combination of colors adds warmth and vibrancy to the space, making it a delightful sanctuary for relaxation.

The striped rug becomes a trendy focal point, elevating the entire room visually with its captivating design. Completing a bedroom for your teenager is the perfect yellow clock and lamp, which add a cohesive and stylish touch. With its thoughtful decor elements and clever use of space, this small bedroom design creates a delightful haven that your girl will cherish.

23. Girls Bedroom with Colored Accents

girls bedroom with colored accents

Transform a Girl’s Bedroom with Colored Accents using cream or white walls as the perfect canvas. The neutral backdrop allows for a playful and vibrant color palette. Exquisite pops of teal, green, orange, fuchsia, yellow, and more bring a burst of energy and personality to the space.

To complement the colored accents, consider adding a soft grey fringed mat and some cane furniture. These elements add texture and charm, further enhancing the room’s appeal. The mix of colorful accents and neutral touches creates a balanced and visually stunning display.

Create a bohemian-inspired vibe with extra wall decor, bringing a relaxed and charming atmosphere to the room. The neutral cream or white walls offer limitless options for designing a whimsical and diverse girls’ bedroom. Let your imagination run wild and craft a space that showcases your girl’s lively personality and unique style.

24. Modern Teenage Girl Bedroom

modern teenage girl bedroom

Indulge in the allure of a Modern Teenage Girl Bedroom that exudes sophistication with its stunning white and gold theme. Gold circles adorn the room’s ceiling, giving it a sophisticated and elegant touch. They make the space seem more eye-catching and elegant.

Semi-sheer white curtains allow just enough natural light to filter into the bedroom, creating a soft and dreamy ambiance. The various designs of pillows on the bed add a chic and stylish appeal, adding texture and visual interest to the room.

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The blue headboard becomes a striking focal point, introducing a delightful pop of color amidst the white and gold backdrop. The polka-dotted matching candles and white cabinets complete the set, providing a cohesive and luxurious bedroom design. This modern teenage girl bedroom is truly swoon-worthy, offering a serene and glamorous space for your teen to enjoy and call her own.

25. Girls Bedroom with Dark Blue Walls

girls bedroom with dark blue walls

Discover the allure of a Girls Bedroom with Dark Blue Walls, which offers an interesting and captivating color palette. While dark walls can create the illusion of a smaller space, they provide a unique backdrop to explore contrasting colors. You can choose vibrant pops of sunny colors or softer pastels to complement the deep blue walls.

This pale pink, mauve, and lilac combination beautifully complements the navy walls, creating a harmonious and stylish look. The soft pastel hues add a touch of femininity and elegance to the room. To enhance the design, include a flower toss pillow that matches the color scheme and adds a fun touch.

Embrace the opportunity to create a visually stunning Girls Bedroom with Dark Blue Walls. With contrasting colors and decor choices, you can turn a drab space into a charming and inviting sanctuary. Let your creativity shine as you experiment with different color combinations and incorporate elements that reflect your girl’s unique personality and style.

26. Wild West Themed Bedroom for Girls

wild west themed bedroom for girls

Embrace the charm of a Wild West Themed Bedroom for Girls, where class and country come together to create a captivating design. Explore decor ideas that bring the spirit of the wild wild west into a teenage girl’s bedroom. Consider desert themes with cacti, fringed throws, tan pillows, and a bold bed cover for an authentic and rustic touch.

Enhance the design with a lovely black and white patterned rug that adds a stylish and contemporary element to the room. The combination of rustic and modern elements creates a balanced and visually interesting space that reflects the adventurous spirit of the wild west.

This unique theme allows for creative expression and personalized touches. Let your imagination run wild as you curate a Wild West Themed Bedroom for Girls that captures the essence of the frontier and provides a cozy and charming retreat for your teenage girl to enjoy and feel at home.

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27. Black and White Girl Bedroom

black and white girl bedroom

Discover the timeless elegance of a Black and White Girl Bedroom, where the classic color combination makes a powerful statement. The sleek black and white color scheme is a strong and bold aesthetic for the room. It’s perfect for those who want to express their sophisticated taste.

The black and white design stands out on its own, but it also takes on a splash of color. You can add a splash of color to infuse the space with vibrancy and personality. Consider incorporating a bright pink rug or a red futon to create a striking focal point and add a pop of color to the monochromatic backdrop.

Embrace the versatility of a Black and White Girl Bedroom, as it allows for endless possibilities in decor and personalization. With the timeless appeal of black and white and the option to introduce vibrant accents, this design idea offers a stylish and captivating space that any girl will love. Let your creativity shine as you curate a chic and inviting bedroom that reflects her unique style and preferences.

28. Girls Pastel Bedroom Interior

girls pastel bedroom interior

Indulge in the soothing charm of Girls Pastel Bedroom Interior, where soft and mellow pastel shades create a delightful ambiance. These gentle hues are reminiscent of sunshine and cheer, infusing the room with a sense of warmth and tranquility. Pastel interiors bring a touch of serenity and joy to a teenage girl’s room, creating a perfect haven for relaxation and comfort.

Begin the design with pastel walls that serve as a calming and inviting backdrop. From there, explore pastel-colored furniture and accessories to complete the look. Embrace the versatility of pastels as you mix and match different shades and textures, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing space.

Let the pastel palette guide you in curating a Girls Pastel Bedroom Interior that reflects her personality and style. Pastel hues offer limitless possibilities for creating a charming and inviting room, catering to her preferences of soft pinks, serene blues, or subtle greens. With the sunlit cheer of pastels, this bedroom becomes a delightful retreat where your teenage girl can unwind and find comfort.

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