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girls bedroom design ideas

35 Creative Girls Bedroom Design Ideas for Every Personality

8. Art Deco Style Girl Bedroom

art deco style girl bedroom

Step into the world of Art Deco Style Girl Bedroom, a design worthy of a home decor magazine. This sleek and chic room showcases the impeccable taste of its teenage inhabitant. The striking combination of dark green covers and walls creates a sophisticated backdrop, beautifully complemented by blush pink accents from the pillows and accent wall.

The room exudes a sense of timeless elegance. The Art Deco style, which is very popular among modern teens, is the perfect match for the girl who loves fashion and is modern. The gold lamps and bedside tables add a touch of opulence to the space, giving it a sense of luxury.

To make your teenager’s room even more eye-catching, consider adding some cool wall art. If you decide on Art Deco decor, pieces that fit the style will bring the room together. A smart choice is this bedroom in a muted white scheme with a row of art deco-inspired lamps and high-end furnishings.

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9. Purple Bedroom For Teenage Girl

purple bedroom for teenage girl

Embrace the allure of a Purple Bedroom for a Teenage Girl. This cult-favorite color is a hit among teenagers, and a shade like hot purple adds a touch of glamour to the space. The vibrant hue creates a stunning contrast with the light-colored furniture, enhancing the room’s overall appeal.

Personalization is the key to making this bedroom truly special. If you have a daughter that adores anime, you can create a personalized digital mural on your wall. This unique touch will make the room her own and reflect her interests, ensuring she falls in love with her personalized sanctuary.

The combination of girly charm and girlish flair make this purple bedroom the ideal room for a teenage girl. With its simple yet beautiful design and thoughtful touches, it’s a space where she can relax, unwind, and let her imagination soar. Whether she’s studying, daydreaming, or enjoying her favorite anime shows, this bedroom is sure to be her favorite spot in the house.

10. Contemporary Girls Bedroom Designs

contemporary girls bedroom designs

Discover the beauty of Contemporary Girls Bedroom Designs. This lovely space captivates with its artistic flair and visually appealing contrasting color palette. The combination of a soft grey and an airy pink creates an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. This is the perfect color scheme for a little girl’s room.

The inviting bed steals the show, adorned with matching two-tone pillows and bedsheets. It provides comfort and warmth, making it an irresistible spot to relax and unwind. The twinkling fairy lights scattered throughout the room add a touch of magic and create a dreamy ambiance that sparks the imagination.

Personalization takes center stage with the strings of photos, adding a dramatic and personalized touch to the area. These cherished memories make the room truly unique and special. And let’s not forget the sweetest, most adorable little bedding detail. A little squeal of delight is an adorable and delightful detail in a girl’s bedroom. She’ll love the soft pink cushion on this sweet contemporary bedroom design.

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11. Girls Bedroom with Leaf Accents

girls bedroom with leaf accents

Enhance your Girls Bedroom with Leaf Accents without overcrowding it with live plants. While a few leafy plants can add a touch of nature to your room, it’s important to note that they emit CO2 during the night. To compensate, opt for mounted prints featuring floral or leafy designs. These prints will bring pops of color and decorative flair to the room, creating a visually appealing space.

The mounted prints in this room are a versatile decor element that you can easily change and update as you please. You can choose prints that match your personal style and preferences, such as vibrant florals or intricate leaf patterns. This approach adds visual interest to the room and eliminates the need for constant plant care and maintenance.

By incorporating these lovely prints, you can achieve a beautiful aesthetic reminiscent of nature while avoiding the potential drawbacks of too many live plants in the bedroom. The pops of color from the prints will infuse the room with energy and charm, creating a delightful atmosphere for your girl to relax and unwind in. Let the natural beauty of the leaf accents bring a touch of natural beauty to her space without compromising on air quality.

12. Girl Apartment Bedroom Ideas

girl apartment bedroom ideas

Discover stylish Girl Apartment Bedroom Ideas with modern and chic white interiors. This clean and trendy design serves as a versatile backdrop for various decor elements. To make a bold statement, incorporate a piece of furniture in a dark color, such as a mirror cabinet with a stylish lamp. This contrast adds depth and visual interest to the room.

A pop of color, such as a vibrant or playful accent like a paisley throw pillow or a bright and cheerful accent wall, can add personality to the space. A white backdrop can be overwhelming and create a sterile atmosphere. The addition of bedding in complementary colors can liven up the room. It also breaks up the monotony of the white background, adding an alluring appeal.

With its chic white interiors and carefully chosen decor elements, this modern girl’s bedroom idea exudes sophistication and style. It offers a blank canvas for personalization and allows for easy updates as preferences change. The combination of contrasting furniture, colorful accents, and an expansive layout creates a captivating space that any girl would love to call her own.

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13. Simple Girl Bedroom Design

simple girl bedroom design

Embrace the charm of a Simple Girl’s Bedroom Design with a huge billowy bed and fluffy pillows. This lovely space is decorated with a two-color palette, creating a sweet and girlish atmosphere. The bed drapes cleverly match the wall color behind, adding a seamless and cohesive look to the room.

The blush pink accents enhance the feminine vibe of the space, giving it a delicate and charming appeal. These subtle accents create a lovely balance with the two-color palette, adding warmth and girly touch to the overall design.

The tiny crystal lights on the bedhead become the focal point of this cute bedroom for girls, stealing the show with their captivating sparkle. With its simplicity and thoughtful touches, this simple girl’s bedroom design creates a cozy and inviting space that any girl would adore. It’s the perfect haven for relaxation, daydreaming, and creating sweet memories.

14. White interior with Lilac Bedding

white interior with lilac bedding

Explore the charm of a White Interior with Lilac Bedding, a design that appeals to mid-teenage girls. The pops of vibrant colors like purple, lilac, and pink add a touch of energy and playfulness to the room. The contrasting shade of yellow brings a delightful balance to the overall color scheme.

Keep the walls simple with neutral colors like white to create a clean and airy backdrop. This allows the vibrant colors to shine and become the focal points of the room. The white interior provides a blank canvas for personalization and allows for easy updates as the girl’s tastes evolve.

Fill the walls with cute frames and knick-knacks to add personality and charm to the teen bedroom. This mix of playful colors, neutral backdrop, and personalized decor elements creates a space that any mid-teenage girl would love and enjoy. It’s a room that reflects her vibrant personality and provides a comfortable and stylish sanctuary for her to relax and express herself.

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